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DEADLINE: 10 May 2017


The EPUAP Investigator Awards are awarded for a significant, internationally-recognized contribution to pressure ulcer research and comprise

  • The EPUAP Early Stage Investigator Award (awarded to a researcher at an early career stage)
  • The EPUAP Experienced Investigator Award (awarded for a significant, internationally-recognized contribution to pressure ulcer research)

Both prizes can be awarded for either basic science or clinical science achievements, and they reflect accomplishments that clearly contributed to advancing in the field


  • Candidates cannot nominate themselves, but are free to ask a colleague with a standing in a research institution (such as a Professor, Department Chair, Dean, etc.) to apply in a letter for nomination on their behalf.
  • Nomination for each of the prize types should include:
  • Nomination letter from a nominating person who is not the applicant (see above): The letter should contain text at the length of up to one page, but not less than half-a-page. The letter should explain why the candidate is being nominated for the prize (please specify which prize: Novice or Experienced Investigator) and what are the important contributions made by the candidate to pressure ulcer research. The letter should be printed on an institutional letterhead and be signed by the nominating person.
  • Full Curriculum Vitae of the candidate for the prize, including a complete list of publications (journal articles, books and book chapters, conference proceedings, patents and other).

Applicants should send the above material by E-mail, in one PDF file, to the Chair of the Scientific Committee of EPUAP, Prof. Dimitri Beeckman, E-mail: Dimitri.Beeckman@UGent.be, and copy the EPUAP Business Office office@epuap.org

Laureates of the EPUAP Novice and Experienced Investigator Awards will be required to give talks at the EPUAP Annual Conference following the Award Notification, in a special plenary session named "The EPUAP Novice and Experienced Investigator Award Lectures". This is a condition for receiving the award. Each talk should be approximately 25 minutes.

The EPUAP will cover travels from/to a European destination, conference registration and accommodation of laureates.