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Speaker: Menno Van Etten

Date: 21st September, 16:15 - 17:30


To prevent pressure ulcers EPUAP’s guidelines suggest to positioning the patient in a 30 degrees side lying position, in other words moving the body load from the sacral- and trochanter area’s to the gluteal area. In general position of patients is about giving patient stability, comfort and the feeling of security. But you may ask the question if classical repositioning techniques and the materials used to position the patient really give the stability and comfort needed? Also may shear forces be increased on the pressure ulcer hotspots. Adding the 30 degrees posture to the list of lying positions gives extra challenges to the caretakers. Positioning the upper body without rotations and positioning the legs preventing discomfort for the patient and without creating new PU hotspots. What role do positioning cushions play in off-loading and stabilizing the patient?

There is a limited number of seats for this workshop, therefore the pre-registration is required.