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Key sessions



Pressure ulcer terminology and classification

  • Outcome and next steps in the international debate on pressure ulcer terminology and classification; Jan Kottner
  • Device related pressure ulcers; Joyce Black
  • A common language for pressure ulcers: The outcomes for pressure ulcers trials (OUTPUTs) project; Katrin Balzer
  • A Cochrane review on Incontinence- Associated Dermatitis (IAD) for making the case for Core Outcome Sets (COS) in clinical trials in wound care; Dimitri Beeckman


Complexities of care

  • Community pressure ulcer initiatives; Fionulla Gallagher
  • Pressure ulcer prevention: Focus on health care assistant education; Lorna Semple
  • Pressure ulcer prevention in intensive care; Steven Smet
  • Pressure ulcer prevention in paediatrics; Guido Ciprandi


Recognizing and managing risks

  • Nutrition and hydration; Angela Small
  • 'Skin status', a risk factor for pressure ulcer development; Jane Nixon
  • Risk assessment; Zena Moore
  • Malnutrition as a precursor of pressure injuries; Mary Litchford


Seating (1)

  • Pressure ulcer prevention: What do healthcare professionals, patients and carers need to know?; Declan Patton, Alison Porter-Armstrong
  • Repositioning for pressure ulcer prevention in the seated individual; Menno Van Etten
  • "To sit or not to sit": Sitting individuals with pressure ulcers; Darren Hammond


Emerging therapies

  • Prophylactic dressings; Zena Moore
  • Early detection of pressure ulcers; Cees Oomens
  • Smart materials; Dan Bader


Seating (2)

  • Wheeled mobility for pressure ulcer prevention and improved function: Result of a RCT; David Brienza
  • Pressure mapping of repositioning in wheelchair seated individuals – the ugly truth; May Stinson
  • Development of the SPUPP: Pressure ulcer prevention programme; Emer Shanley


The complex foot

  • CPR for feet; Duncan Stang
  • The research on the heel casts; William Jeffcoate
  • Complexities of caring for patients with renal disease; John Smyth


Health economic evaluations of pressure ulcer interventions; David Meads

  • This session will be organised as a discussion forum, a first step to develop pressure ulcer specific guidelines for health economic research.


Pressure ulceration: Local Wound Management

  • This session will be organized an interactive session, case studies will be presented and discussed during this session.