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Lion Leads - Lead Retrieval

Why use the Lion Leads Lead Retrieval system?

  • Adds value to the exhibitor by improving exhibitors’ ROI, so they’ll return year after year
  • Leaves less room for human error so lead information is more accurate
  • Easier to collect leads and follow up with them after the event
  • Lead information is available right after the event, so leads can be followed up with immediately
  • At end-user events, distributors will receive lead reports for easier post event follow up
  • The eco-friendly option because it eliminates the need for business cards, triplicate paper, and mailing
  • Easy device check-in and check-out process, eliminating lines before and after the event
  • Dedicated EPUAP staff attend the event to educate exhibitors on how to use the software
  • Makes it easy for exhibitors to follow up at end-user events by linking each client to their distributor

For more details please check the full offer: Lion Leads Lead Retrieval

If you need more details or you want to place an order, please contact:

Mathias Balhorn
+49 89 219 099 642

Sharing of Contact Details:

The EPUAP conference secretariat will collect and store all personal data through the online registration system, and will be treated by EPUAP only for organisational purposes, in particular for matters in relation to the registration, monitoring of credits for CME (Continued Medical Education), as well as information about EPUAP.

Each participant receives a name badge carrying the family name and the first name of the participant as well as a barcode. Each participant shall consider that by accepting any scanning of the badge at any stand at the conference, the participant gives his/her authorisation to EPUAP to transfer the data of the participant regarding his/her postal address and e-mail to the holder of the stand, including the authorization to use said data for marketing purposes.